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For the past 25 years, I've been supported and lifted by the most incredible community. I want to acknowledge you and thank you for your encouragement throughout my art career and life. It's not easy being uprooted, even if by choice. It's not lost on me that everywhere I've landed throughout my life, I felt your love and the comfort of your open arms. Through my greatest joys and my most profound challenges, you were always there. I would have never known this level of success, the expansion of my abilities, without you showing me your appreciation for my art and my person. I am so fortunate to do what I love and to grow and fulfill my soul through my work, yet mostly, the relationships that have transpired throughout my life are of the most value to me. Thank you for the constant encouragement, thank you for your patronage, thank you for your love and kindness. And if I haven't met you yet, be sure to send me a note, for connection is the source of mutual fulfillment!

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Sometimes It Bleeds

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"When I saw Isabelle's work, I was so moved. There is a special energy that she paints with...and it's just what I wanted to provoke. People are in amazement."

~Sheila Johnson

"Storm, Being, and Iconic each have such energy and presence, and I am thrilled to bring them into my home."

~Stephanie D., Washington DC

“Truchon’s passions and emotions fully inhabit the beauty and ambitious scope of her work. She is a multi-media artist; oil painter, sculptor, and film director, whose integrated creations transform, transport, educate, entertain, and inspire.”

~Keith Patterson, Clark Monthly, May 2019

"Our painting arrived today and its even more beautiful than we imagined! It looks perfect in our space!"

~Jim and Mari M., Florida

"Words cannot express the emotions I am feeling after receiving this beautiful piece from the spectacularly gifted and talented Isabelle Truchon. Thank you Isabelle, for this."

~Stefan F., Virginia



Where to View & Purchase

In Oregon:

The Gallery at Ten Oaks, McMinnville

Cascade Hasson Sotheby's International Realty Office in The Pearl

In California:

Oli Gallery, Guerneville

The Watershed, Petaluma

Outpost Home, Fairfax

In Virginia:

Middleburg Art Gallery


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