Short Films

A walk in the woods with my companion, Sketch, leads to inspiration for one of my large drawings in charcoal and ink of a camarguais horse rearing. This video, like all my videos was filmed by my son Anthony. The walk in the woods was at Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship in Loudoun County, Virginia. Our beautiful warm summer morning walk was suddenly interupted by a suspicious sound. Suddenly in the luscious woods, we caught a glimpse of a mama bear with her cubs. We both stood there staring in disbelieve. I picked up Sketch, and we scurried away from the momma on the trail leading to the parking lot. With a rush of adrenaline in our veins, it was a little frightening to say the least, yet such a most memorable moment to witness! 

Deconstruction deals with the process of chaos in the creative process. It shows how connections are made through the work of decomposing an existing work -- deducting from it to make room for the essential forms and lines that are the truth of a work. The music for this video was created by my beautiful son, Justin, like him, it is epic.

Bones are fascinating and symbolic. I love to use bones in my art. I use bones in relief paintings and in sculptural works.

Thank you Sheila Johnson, and Salamander Resort in Middleburg, for commissioning me to create Into the Morning Light. You can view this dynamic piece in the check-in desk of the Lobby at the Resort.

 A quick little masterpiece inspired by my time in the Camargue, in South France. Where the white horses run wild in the beautiful landscape of the Mediterranean marshes and beaches.


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