Artist Isabelle Truchon paints the same horse over and over again, a  memorable stallion she names, El Capitàn.

El Càpitan IV

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Horses are widely known for their innate purity of spirit, a quality that emanates from  the absence of deceit in their nature. Unlike humans, a horse lacks the capacity for deception, as truth is the sole language it comprehends. Here, you'll meet El Càpitan, a Kiger stallion mustang from the Steens, who attentively observes me as he safeguards his herd, assessing whether I pose any danger. Fortunately, he extended to me his genuine trust and affection. Capturing his unwavering grace, vulnerability, and power in my paintings is a source of perpetual inspiration. I've painted his face many many times. I never tire of depicting is essence. He never ceases to a fascinate.

  • Original mixed media painting on wood panel
  • 18 X 24 X 2"
  • Hard-wired, ready to hang
  • Certificate of authenticity included
  • Frame Available for additional charge
  • Free Shipping in the USA